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The internet has enabled individuals everywhere to publish information, ideas and businesses in the form of websites, blogs and ecommerce sites. Website builders have made this easy, accessible and affordable. With the help of one of many website builders, the top 10 of which are listed above, building and publishing a website of any kind is within reach, now more than ever.

Sites created with website builders are wholly professional. Individuals can choose from many design templates, add images to their liking and additional features, from Facebook comment widgets to shopping carts. Website builders often bundle offers that include domain registration and hosting, accounting for all technical aspects of maintaining a website.

In the early days of the internet, websites had to be written manually by computer programmers, in HTML or Flash. Today, no code is required to build a website, and the cost of doing so has come down considerably too. The best website builders have developed easy-to-use, drag and drop editors in HTML5, which allow you to drag elements onto the page, add widgets and enter text. They are simple and fully functional, as proven by countless websites created.